Ruby’s Legacy is currently focused on helping to pass Federal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith’s Private Member’s Bill c-246, the Modernizing of Animal Protections Act. This bill is our BEST OPTION to change federal laws so they deter people from cruelty and/or to punish offenders appropriately.


On September 28th there will be additional debate and on October 5th a critical VOTE will be held on the bill. If there are not enough MPs voting in favour of this legislation, Bill c-246, will not move to committee for further study! PLEASE take a moment to sign this government e-petition. It is the only petition that will be read in the House of Commons. Scroll down for videos and info on Bill c-246.


We’re planning social media campaigns in September to help promote the passing of Bill c-246. Your donation will go a long way to offsetting our costs. EVERY donation is appreciated! PLEASE HELP if you can.

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Thanks so much for your generosity. Ruby’s Legacy is a NON-PROFIT organization (not a charity) so we are unable to provide tax receipts for your donation. Read more…


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  • Canadian Animal Cruelty Laws have not changed substantively in almost 125 years!!!
  • On September 28th there will be additional debate on Bill C-246 and on October 5th a critical VOTE will be held to move to committee for further study.
  • WE WANT Bill C-246 TO GO TO COMMITTEE, SO WE MUST let our government know that our ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS MUST BE UPDATED!
  • It’s important that Canadians e-Mail or Call their MP to explain why Bill c-246 is important to them!

Click here to find out how to speak to your MP about Bill c-246!


Ruby’s Legacy BACKGROUND:

  • Ruby’s Legacy began as a Facebook GroFB_icon_RUBY'S LEGACY CA-Envelope-July-16up in November 2015.
  • January 2016 we contacted Federal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith with a request for him to sponsor a Federal government petition to change laws around puppy mills. He met with us to discuss the deplorable state of puppy mills in Canada, at which time we discovered he was writing a private member’s Bill to update animal protection laws into the 21st Century.
  • February 26, 2016 he introduced Bill C-246,  the ‘Modernizing Animal Protections Act’. Bill C-246 includes: closing loopholes in animal cruelty cases, making it easier to prosecute puppy millers and increases penalties so that second time offenders may be banned from owning animals for life.
  • May 9, 2016 was the second reading and first hour of debate in the House of Commons
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould do not support the bill, BUT THERE IS STILL REASON TO BE OPTIMISTIC.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far!

  • LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGNS to Federal and Provincial Members of Parliament: Red-EnvelopeOur Ruby’s Legacy intention is to deliver a serious message in a peaceful way. We focused our first campaign around Feb. 14, 2016 when a FLOOD of over 5,000 letters in RED ENVELOPES reached government officials on Valentine’s Day to let them know we want to STOP PUPPY MILLS IN CANADA and WE KEEP SENDING!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA BLITZES: Our  Tweetstrom and Thunderclap, Twitter Campaign in support of #Billc246on Tuesday, June 21.16  TRENDED # 1 in Canada!

          Tweetstorm Graphic-June 21 ThunderClapTwitterPromoGraphic

  • Our Tweetstorm on Tuesday, Sept. 20.16 TRENDED # 4 in Canada!




Matted Gray Dog

Puppy mills are high-volume, substandard dog-breeding facilities that put profits before animal health and welfare. Dogs are force-bred continuously without any consideration or attention to their physical or emotional well-being.

The majority of puppy mill dogs are vulnerable small breeds kept in squalid conditions. They exist day after day matted and covered with feces and urine, in over-crowded cages that are inadequately protected from extreme weather conditions. The ammonia built up from improper ventilation causes painful eye and respiratory tract irritations. Many dogs live their entire lives on wire-bottomed cages resulting in numerous skin ulcers. There is unimaginable, relentless pain from illness or physical abuse.

These atrocities continue to occur because our animal cruelty laws are wholly inadequate for preventing and shutting down these mills. Astoundingly puppy mills are NOT illegal in Canada!


Ruby 1Our group has come together in honour of a tiny puppy mill survivor named ‘Ruby’, as well as all the others who suffer as she did. After a near lifetime as an over bred puppy mill mother, she only knew the love of a family for two short years before she succumbed to illness and injury inflicted by her excruciating 6-years of confinement and torture. Read more…


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We realize this is an emotional subject but PLEASE refrain from posting aggressive, derogatory and abusive comments on our Facebook Group, as it’s this behavior we are looking to stop. Such posts will be immediately removed.


Contact our Campaign Organizer Mary Giuffre


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15 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I am from Florida and we see what puppy mills produce all the time at pet stores and flea markets. It’s disgusting and heartbreaking to think humans can be so cruel to these beautiful, loved filled creatures. Now it’s time to show these little guys just how important they are. Going to stop talking and start acting on this project starting today. Thank you so much for getting the ball rolling.


  2. It is an honour and privilege to be working on this campaign as a member of Team Ruby. Shutting down puppy mills in Canada and the world over has been my greatest passion as long as I can remember. Mary Giuffre and Paul L. Clark have launched an incredible campaign that I am certain will help shut down mills in Canada. Puppy mills are horrific places for dogs to live and should not be allowed to persist in this country. I would like to thank our champion, MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith of Beaches-East York riding in Toronto, for endorsing this campaign and for his work towards introducing a Federal bill that will help to bring animal cruelty legislation into the 21st century.


  3. I have a rescue she’s a bishon, she spent 5 years in a horrible puppy mill. Wire cage fur fully matted urine feces just horrible. 3 years I’ve spent loving her to this day she is still scared of humans. She still has health issues that are painful. Over breeding these poor dogs is notmal to these people. They don’t care about the health or happiness they are in it for the money. Change is needed lets speak up for these abused animals support Bill C246


  4. i also have taken in a puppy mill victim. She lived 8 days! I did what I could. She was either an escapee or thrown out. We will never know. She was bred to,death. 5.5 heart murmur , mammary cancer. Could have been pregnant but too far gone to put through any testing. I gave her the best 8 days I could. So heartbreaking. Knowing touch by humans was like a fire being branded to her. Terrified to move and not knowing what glass windows, stairs or everyday things most humans and animals know. Knowing she was stuck in a confined space without no interaction or stimulation crowded amongst other for mass production of puppies until,death is the cruelest and heartbreaking crime that Humanity does. One law! One change NO PUPPY MILLS OF any type are to be permitted with Canada and criminal,charges brought forward. I pray and strive to help you get that for all of them. Again Thank you!


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