My View From Here

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ruby. Well, that’s the name my wonderful family gave me after they adopted me when I was 6 years old. Just think of it! That would have been about 37 human years – a very long time to live without a name!

I left my dog suit behind March 10, 2014 and I’m so happy to be able to help my humans help other pets from where I am! My view from here is beautiful. As I watch the days float gently by, I see radiant and shimmering lights almost everywhere and I’m very grateful, but unfortunately there are still too many dark places where you live.

The horrible room I lived in.

You see, I was born and raised in a puppy mill – a filthy, retched smelling place, with no windows and no light. I existed day in and day out in a 10 x 10ft room with about 60 of my sisters and brothers. The floors were covered in our feces and urine, because we had no way to get outside. There was a decrepit old chair in that room with us too, but none of us would sit on it because the fabric and padding had worn away so badly that the springs popped out. We roamed around in our own waste all day and slept on those disgusting, cold and soiled concrete floors all night. Nobody ever came by to clean up. Nobody cared.

Our food and water bowls were filled with waste too, so no one would eat or drink from them. Most times, our dinner was just thrown on the floor, so it was really hard to tell what bits were actually food and I remember being so, so thirsty all the time!

When our babies came – we had so many sweet puppies – our bodies hurt a lot, but we did our best to feed them, keep them clean, and protected them as well as we could. Those poor little ones were often very sickly, but unhealthy or not, they were always taken away from us much too soon. It was so upsetting to hear them howling endlessly for their mamas as they were scooped up and out of our lives, but we all tried hard to be brave for them. We never knew what happened to our babies back then, but from here I can see very clearly how their little lives turned out!

Me at the Humane Society the day I met Mary & Paul.

When Mary and Paul adopted me from the Humane Society they loved me like crazy and took especially good care of me because I was very ill from living in that awful puppy mill. They realized I couldn’t see very much after I walked right off a very high ledge one night! That’s when the vet discovered my right eye was completely blind and that the left one was losing vision quickly. Sometimes my head hurt dreadfully from what they called glaucoma, but I thought it was just normal. When they brought me home from the shelter, I was also missing a bottom front tooth and it turned out the rest of my teeth were in terrible shape as well. I wound up with a nasty infection in my gums and that’s when they realized how sick I really was!

I remember the night they raced me to the animal hospital. Paul, who hadn’t been feeling well himself, insisted on driving so Mary could look after me on the away. When we got there I was admitted without delay. It was so scary being left in a cage and to be without them!

I found out later, that the next morning Paul was feeling much worse, so Mary rushed him to the hospital too, where he had an emergency operation!

It was a very frightening time for all of us, but we survived as a family. Paul recovered well, but my prognosis was not as good. I had extremely low counts for both my white and red blood cells and they said I may only live a few more days, or weeks at best. Ha ha! I fooled them all! Mary says I lived on love for 6 more months!

Lucky ME with Mary & Paul!

Those two really did (and still do) love me so much. I can feel it from here! The two years with them were glorious! I was 45 human years when we said our final goodbyes.

I’m telling you all of this because from here, I can also see that there are still so many dogs like me living in those appalling puppy mills right across Canada and all over the world.

My family has some of the best Earth Angels around! Please get involved in their Ruby’s Legacy Campaigns (they’re named after me! :))so they can show you how you can help STOP PUPPY MILLS and PET CRUELTY in Canada!

Dog Kisses for Everybody!


Ruby (the ‘Angel in a Dog Suit’)

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